Medium Dreamtime Aliens Never Alone


Standing in this huge tree lined, flowers, grass field with my immediate human family. Other families surrounding us playing in the fields.  We all were directed to look in the location of the Sun.  I looked up but didn’t see what everyone was looking at.  I heard a voice say to me “Megan look behind you.”  I turned around and over the Rocky Mountains was this HUGE smoke ring.  The center of the smoke ring was the color of the blue sky.  Appearing out of the ring was a ton of space ships-  some visible to the naked eye and some not but I could see them all.  This one ship in particular caught my eye above them all.  I kept watching it and to my human eyes it would have appeared frightening looking battleship.  What was radiating in my heart was no fear.  I stood there and ask others in the field to turn around and look.  Some freaked out and started running.  Well this ONE ship I was fixated on came and landed next to me.  There was many people running around me frightened, screaming for help- It felt like I was in a different realm watching them scatter. Time stood still. Out of the ship a being came toward me so I closed my eyes.  Yes the way he appeared was not human and I let my thoughts get in the way.  He was wearing black latex all over his body.  The latex had these black spikes on the top of the head, around the shoulders and forearms.  I didn’t feel fearful but unsure and made the statement-“If your going to kill me then just do it.” He walked up and said “WE are not here to hurt you or anyone”.  He then kissed me on the lips.  “Do you remember who I AM now?”  When this happened I knew I had been with him and these other beings for MANY MANY MANY lifetimes. I then saw that the latex suits where a warrior protective layer for them from our atmospheric conditions.  Not all the beings had these suits on.  I could see what they looked like without them.  I knew some to be Lemurain. Then Pleiadian, Vegan, Arcturian, to name a few and MANY MANY others surrounding our “skies” and walking on the earth revealed themselves.  However, they were not alone.  His statement to me was this- “You can see us more clearly now. We are hear to assist humanity.”  This was NOT just a statement for me but for MANY of us!  He proceeded to tell me that many people are going to and have been helping to release FEARs of other human beings.  Allowing thousands upon thousands to start see, feel, hear.  As he was talking to me, lions came out of the tree lined mountains.  Following them were any many animals exotic or not, insects, reptiles.  They began to shape-shift.  The trees, flowers, grass and mountains followed shifting into these incredible beings.  They all said at the same time “We have always been here assisting!  Now many will see how our energies working together again.”