Wonder and Joy

It is a frequency shift that allows you to manifest what is right in front of you. Listening to where you feel guided. Wonder why! Being excited about it, brings the frequency shift.

This transcription is from a video I made and embedded after the text below:

I just wanted to share a reading a recent reading that I did for a beautiful her and what they taught me about manifestation. Now there are so many beliefs about manifestation and I'm not saying any one of them are right or wrong; it's whatever your belief system or how you choose to manifest but what they showed me was something incredible and I just wanted to share it with you. 

All she was talking about how she recently discovered a flower for some medicines for her tribe and she was concerned that there was date that only grew in a certain place. She started to ask where can I find more of these flowers for my tribe, and she said that she was out walking one day and asking that question; and as she's telling me this story they're giving me this visual: so she was out walking and she felt pulled to go into a different direction pulled here and I don't even know honestly if she understood that she was being pulled there and you know that she was in the state of asking, and in the state of wonder and you know in the state of believing and joy, she was in all of those frequencies and as she was remaining in those frequencies and she felt drawn to this area over by this lake of water, she said Megan and I'm standing there and all of a sudden I look and there's all the flowers that I was looking for right there in front of my eyes. I was in complete awe because I'm hearing and being show. 

What they're showing and telling me about is that because she asked and because she stayed in the frequency of wonder "I wonder if I'll find these I wonder where I'll find these" it doesn't really matter, that she believed that she could or that she would and that she had joy in thinking about the wonder of these flowers that it allowed her physical eyes to manifest what has already been and  / or it already is right in front of her. But because she could have walked past this particular spot a thousand times and never seen those flowers, but now because when she was walking in the frequency of joy and Wonder and belief and asking, that it allowed her physical eyes to line up with what her innate abilities of clairvoyance enabled... to slip into a vibration to see that it's right there in front of her... that everything that we desire and we wonder about, and we inquire about, and we believe about, and we have joy about, is right in front of us we just might not be seeing it because we're asking and that.... I don't want to say wrong way because it's not a wrong way.... but we're not asking in a joyous way, in a childlike way of wonder, of joy of belief of asking, or just being blissful about the question.

So just a little heart for thought when you're thinking about manifesting, because it really changed the perception for me as far as manifesting - you hear you have to believe to receive and I believe that you have to believe to receive but you need to be wondrous about it and joyous about it too.

Have a great day everybody, bye


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdVmuJorjV...