I have asked myself so many times! What is my purpose? While I was out walking today with my sweet Mason and Fur babies~I hear so clearly~ Purpose is to LIVE/CREATE! How does ONE LIVE? Finding JOY, LAUGHTER, WONDER, ADVENTURE with all that comes your way. If it is taking a morning stroll with the family, making cookies, assisting a neighbor, have a brilliant conversation that is your PURPOSE! PURPOSE IS INTENT! Your INTENT is within the NOW! Surrender to BELIEVING you have only ONE purpose! If you choose to think you only have one purpose then let it BE~ TO LIVE!


Sophia Code

As my journey of self discovery began- with all my shadows and all my light I ventured through so many ups, downs, forward, backyards, sideways and diagonal! Better yet, I will say the spiral! As I stand and reflect at how magiK and divine I AM- As are YOU! As you reflect me! I reflect YOU! I give so much gratitude for ALL around me, through me and within me! I have and will continue to have many guide me as I discern what is TRUTH for me!  I started to really understand, be guided by CHRIST/Crystalline Consciousness during these past years of my life. This glorious book, Sophia Code, fell (feel) into my lap! Only enhancing what I was being taught by this wonderful collective!   This book includes a few of the Divine Masters.  There are so many more to commune with.  Take time for YOU.  Go within to your sacred temple!  Thank you Kaiara.com  for being a warrior to step forward with this light!


New Years EVE Celebration of 2018

Wishing everyone a beautiful New Years Eve- the segway 2018 New Year of Miracles. Many light-facilitators seeing with Source eye of Neutrality and Observation. Facilitating more into Christed Sacred Heart & Christed Sacred Mind & Christed Inner Child. Christed Heart - loving, flow, compassion, boundless beauty, grace, flexibility. Christed Mind- strength, certain, capable, invincible, responsible, leadership, accountable for YOUR choices of MOVEMENT for your soul. Christed inner Child- joy, wonder, playful, self loving, adventure, celebration, PURITY! The holy trinity that we are. Image and Likeness fellow souls. Allowing EGO to move into position of the Christed mind not where we have allowed it to play the martyr (doubt, blame, what if, I can't) with our fall of consciousness into slumber. Recognizing Martyr Ego served a purpose. Loving Martyr ego for pushing us to the ledge of what we are NOT. ALLOWING it to take rightful position into the Christed MIND for what we are! YEAR OF THE 11!! LIGHT UNITE! Love ME-AGAIN

medium unicorn

Trinity of Light

Losing connection to the child source of your divinity contributes hiccups to the lack of wisdom flow from Divine Consciousness. The dense emotions are your child light of your heart sending messengers to your humanity.  "This does not align with who you are!" Fear and guilt are a mockery of your divinity. Your soul is the mother, father, and child.  You are the Yin, Yang, holy spirit, arc of consciousness, covenant, chalice of light. Allow your over soul to pour deep within your humanity reflecting exactly who you are. You are the TRINITY!

Channeled Source- All that is- Megan Covington