New Years EVE Celebration of 2018

Wishing everyone a beautiful New Years Eve- the segway 2018 New Year of Miracles. Many light-facilitators seeing with Source eye of Neutrality and Observation. Facilitating more into Christed Sacred Heart & Christed Sacred Mind & Christed Inner Child. Christed Heart - loving, flow, compassion, boundless beauty, grace, flexibility. Christed Mind- strength, certain, capable, invincible, responsible, leadership, accountable for YOUR choices of MOVEMENT for your soul. Christed inner Child- joy, wonder, playful, self loving, adventure, celebration, PURITY! The holy trinity that we are. Image and Likeness fellow souls. Allowing EGO to move into position of the Christed mind not where we have allowed it to play the martyr (doubt, blame, what if, I can't) with our fall of consciousness into slumber. Recognizing Martyr Ego served a purpose. Loving Martyr ego for pushing us to the ledge of what we are NOT. ALLOWING it to take rightful position into the Christed MIND for what we are! YEAR OF THE 11!! LIGHT UNITE! Love ME-AGAIN

medium unicorn

Trinity of Light

Losing connection to the child source of your divinity contributes hiccups to the lack of wisdom flow from Divine Consciousness. The dense emotions are your child light of your heart sending messengers to your humanity.  "This does not align with who you are!" Fear and guilt are a mockery of your divinity. Your soul is the mother, father, and child.  You are the Yin, Yang, holy spirit, arc of consciousness, covenant, chalice of light. Allow your over soul to pour deep within your humanity reflecting exactly who you are. You are the TRINITY!

Channeled Source- All that is- Megan Covington


Merkaba Light Body Medium

Sending out so much love to you All this beautiful day. Last night I was laying in bed when I felt a female energy come into the room. I felt my heart open so wide from the front of my chest through the back. I didn’t even find a need to breathe. The energy all around me was breathing for me. I closed my eyes and at this moment I knew it was ME that came into the room. I felt myself merge with my Higher self. I felt like this big ball of compassion, and flow. I found myself no where but everywhere. I was once again watching so many events of life go on. Not just my lives but so many others as well. Another surreal moment. I was hearing a male voice say to me I am everything and I am nothing. The voice went to a female tone and said you know this to be the core of all that is. At this moment I realized for the 2nd time this week. These voices are ONE. As in ONE of us ALL! I could feel in every atom of my being. Dissolving the illusion of separation. Here is yet another facet of illusion. To think all the people in our lives aren’t in one form or another a guide, mentor, teacher, angel is a farce. No matter the circumstances that are mirroring us. If we are ONE in this- then all that is- by the very nature is DIVINE. Not only the non-physical entities but the physical ones as well. I encourage you all to look at those surrounding you as a resonance of divine. No matter how hard that can be for ego- TRY. Make the choice to command seeing the divinity in all. The DIVINITY IN YOU!

medium merkaba