In the thick of a major child self acknowledgement of inner pain. The hurt I didn't really pay attention too! How this snowballed last night by a simple comment that was said to me. I know I have rectified and reconciled it as an adult. Understanding there is a much bigger picture. However, the child me didn't understand. The purity of a child heart did NOT understand. Look it doesn't even have to be some major "traumatic " event! It could be something very "minor" feeling to an adult but HUGE to the child inside. Really being faced with perception of how I viewed events as a child. How it made me feel unsafe within but without understanding why! It was frequency of words exchange, facial expressions, or being told NO you cant do that. Creating fear in the child within- shame, disappointment etc. This is not a Shame my parents, friends, people around me. This is a reflection of ME-
1- How my words can so effect/affect another
2- Attacking myself or another serves NO ONE!
3- Be conscious of feeling what is arising within.
4- honoring the feelings
5- Attacking is FEAR
6- Loving self is so important. You can love another but loving self is EQUALLY as important.
7- Being very aware of how these events and those involved are guiding me to learn and grow. Reconciling these emotions in empowerment.

I know others are going through this as well. I feel very compelled to share this. We all have growth we are experiencing. Loving and being AUTHENTIC to self is the soul medicine of the heart. Regardless of how hard the medicine is to swallow, digest, integrate and release.

Be kind to yourself- I LOVE YOU BOUNDLESSLY