Shield and Protect?????

 I do NOT ever expect ANYONE to understand my method of remembering self- BUT I KNOW  “entities” teach me about me. Which is part of the ONE!

Early on in my ever expanding journey I was told by many people- you need to shield and protect! I found that no matter the method of shielding I was doing it did NOT work for me. This video is a perfect example of why.. it took me time to realize it is about my intention and if something was coming into my perception (dark or light) I asked WHY. What am I being shown? Using self discernment, paying attention to my heart and not the fearful mind. As there is nothing to fear NOT even fear itself! No one or no-thing has power over you unless you give it! #energy #awareness

This short clip explains it beautifully! You cant shut one down from the whole!

Do you really LOVE? Emotions within

Do any of these pictures make you UNCOMFORTABLE?


Are you already casting your belief system judgements? Take a pause- BREATHE- implore to go deeper- Why are you feeling that way. Why are you sending out this frequency of hate or disgust? If we all came from SOURCE, as so MANY BELIEVE, how can this be wrong?
SOURCE is all that is- Female, Male, Tree, Earth, Horse, Air, Water, Aliens……
My belief system, religion, etc.. Were you raised with a belief system - I am from God. I will return to Heaven or Hell. So that is it? One lifetime! Only female or male? So you have experienced ONE portion/fractal of what SOURCE is? If Source is ALL THAT IS then how can it be possible that you have ONLY one experience of a “infinite” lifetimes? You are energy but you no longer MOVE? Is that possible? Take that pause, push aside, for a moment, teachings, conditioning and ask yourself do I REALLY LOVE ALL THAT IS Essence of INFINITE SOURCE? I want to THANK the transgender, gay, black, homeless, Caucasian, Native American, Hispanic, addicts, trees, road rage people, aliens, fur babes, hummingbirds etc….. For Mirroring to me what makes me ask why does this make me uncomfortable, passionate, upset, or blissful? Where are YOU placing your thoughts and emotions? When I am all of you- YOU are ALL of me! We are the Essence of LOVE BE"ING"