Make your Choice

3 am a few mornings ago I woke up to a voice saying- “Megan, do you understand and see it now? Nothing is here to HURT you. FEAR is the GRAND Illusion!”  Then I had flashes of lifetimes of fear based choices. So many, “but what if statements”! Truly choices as simple to buy a home, move, change jobs, tell the Truth to another, sacrifice myself for another.  Just to mention a few.  It is the perception of the journeys we encounter in our daily lives.  Are we looking at those “lessons” with the eyes of growth and expansion or from a learned duality-ego based perspective? Continuing to give your power away to circumstances.

“Often people say that faith is the absence of fear, but I would have to argue that faith is not the absence of fear, but faith is courageously walking straight into your fears and knowing whatever happens, everything is going to be OK.” Michelle B Rohbock

“Truth- When you stop fearing what you don’t know- Only then can you see what is truly there!” Jesus channeled by Jess Carpenter

It is perfectly PERFECT to dig our heels in deep with LOVE, Wonder, Ease. Gracefully move through life.  Being selfish but selfish in LOVE for yourself! Take care of yourself FIRST before you serve another. See the beauty in ALL events, emotions of life.  What our frequencies arevibrating at in an emotion will only draw that more near to us.  To grow and BELIEVE it is all OK.  It just IS!  There is no past or future.  There is the NOW and NOW we have and always will be perfect.  We are already ENLIGHTENED-  We’re just here now to remember and embrace the joys of how We MASTERED. We are the front lines of the expansion.  Love that we made this decision to BE. Rather through choice of suffering or grace.  It is really up to us?  IT IS OUR CHOICE!