Mother Mary 6d Diamond light-

Last night I was blessed by Mother Mary with the diamond light 6d. I literally went through lifetimes of seeing the suppression, control, torture for many of us practicing our divine gifts. Organizations taking from the whole. Inducing a patriarchal rule. I looked in the eyes of the man, woman, beings that have been so blocked with control and forgave them. I watched as their energy dissipated into the light. Taking back the power of CHRISTed LIGHT! Not just given to one but to ALL. This blessed energy has been coming through for some time. It IS in ALL or Christed DNA. No one is denied it. Open your heart and receive it. Attached this for those of you who want to know about the Diamond light.
The Diamond Light Body is the vehicle that takes us to teleporting bi-locating and all the light body master codings and is activated when there is a level of acceptance in the soul's energy field and the connection to the love within is stronger than blame, guilt and illusion. The Light from the Source within that Christ brought to humanities awareness 2000 years ago and was quickly suppressed by the business of religion is now awakened as the only solution to all our dilemmas. The love of self, thereby love of all is awakened as the soul experiences the pain of separation no more and has come to the realization that to be whole and healed is to love and accept oneself and all others and situations and life in total allowing. Thereby control which has its source in fear no longer rules. So the exercises of love and acceptance are still the most important thing, and the embracing of the light and dark within and of all the external mirrors that give us the gift of recognizing that it is within us and the only place to solve all problems is within. Evenstarcreation