Vegas Shooting and YOUR Intentions

Recently there have been videos made by a channeling Erik medium Veronica, Pamela Aaralyn- Spiritual alchemist and many other mediums about the Las Vegas shooting.  I feel very pulled to talk about this.
To ALL that are questioning ONE over the other!  Why is it that ONLY ONE medium can be correct?  When we are all knowing there are vast possibilities “time” lines and many fractals of what is going on! The universe is not a straight line!  It is infinite possibilities!   Some people are not in a space of knowing about Mind Control tactics without being fear based, others are not in the space of only thinking it is “Mental disturbance”.  

Does it REALLY Matter?  Ask yourself- Could it be BOTH?  It very well could BE!  You see we pick up and learn where we are resonating with.  There is NOT ONE teacher, mentor, guide that is fit for every single leg of our journey.  
So that being said- Veronica/Erik resonated with the ones they are supposed too.  Pamela and others mediums where they were supposed too.  You should ask yourself.  Why am I only closing this off to ONE possible answer?  Is there EVER one answer?

If knowing there could be people doing mind-control tactics does this bring you FEAR? Does the label of Sociopath, or Bi-polar bring you FEAR?  Where are you putting your ENERGY?  Are you giving it away to a label in FEAR?  It seems we give labels to UNKNOWN + Dwelling thoughts=FEAR!  

How about this-  Let’s stop taking sides and sending hate to the messengers!  No matter the message received.  If the information isn’t suited for you say thank you.  Then move on!  Save your nasty Venom comments, words and thoughts.  YES THEY DO impact the collective.

Better yet- Ask yourself WHY you are projecting those thoughts to another soul.  Just because someone gives you what they receive doesn’t mean it has to be YOUR TRUTH!  Nor should you send poison to those around you because it doesn’t VIBE with your TRUTH.  

Let’s collectively understand this has happened and in a 3d analytical mind we don’t HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!  The more I think I know ~ the more I understand ~  I KNOW NO-THING!

Collectively let’s- Send love, compassion, peace to all that are impacted.  The ones who have physically transitioned, the ones healing, families, shooter, shooter family.  The entire state- Hell to the entire world.  We can’t always make sense of what is - but we can be the MASTERS OF OUR OWN SOULS ENERGY.  Where are you placing YOURS!



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