Sophia Code

As my journey of self discovery began- with all my shadows and all my light I ventured through so many ups, downs, forward, backyards, sideways and diagonal! Better yet, I will say the spiral! As I stand and reflect at how magiK and divine I AM- As are YOU! As you reflect me! I reflect YOU! I give so much gratitude for ALL around me, through me and within me! I have and will continue to have many guide me as I discern what is TRUTH for me!  I started to really understand, be guided by CHRIST/Crystalline Consciousness during these past years of my life. This glorious book, Sophia Code, fell (feel) into my lap! Only enhancing what I was being taught by this wonderful collective!   This book includes a few of the Divine Masters.  There are so many more to commune with.  Take time for YOU.  Go within to your sacred temple!  Thank you  for being a warrior to step forward with this light!