Save Yourself

I often think about the word healing! What does healing really mean and can we truly facilitate another to heal??? In my personal and observing journey one can NOT HEAL another! However, one can carry the essence of BEing whole and complete. As that soul walked through the Valley of shadows of DEATH! Refusing to see another as broken! Seeing another through the eye of SOURCE! Therefore carrying the frequency, vibration, resonance that vibrates so high nothing below that can penetrate rippling out to the quantum ENERGETIC field surrounding them! Healing begins with a shift in perspective, thoughts, and emotions. As one of many brilliant examples- Jesus! Those who gathered around him "healed" not because he commanded it, but because he REFUSED TO see THEM AS BROKEN! Make no mistake - "PICK up your mat and walk" imply's get off your self-loathing, self-sabotage, shame, etc. Creator doesn't see u as inapt! So why do you choose to keep yourself chained to that belief??!! Jesus- CRYSTALLINE ENERGY- resonances displayed and embodiment of an immense amount of LOVE, STRENGTH, VALOR to battle the self-created "demons" within! You are everything and you can be nothing! You have the power, force to recall your wholeness! You were never born in sin as that would imply the creator was sinful! What we have been given is the choice to create! A choice to let go of the "negative" beliefs of what is right and wrong! What you should, should not do, be or have! When circumstances arise that one would deem as a "bad deal, negative" is clearly an opportunity for you to discover what you really desire, love, and want to generate in your experience! Can we facilitate healing? I feel that one can hold, emmante, undiluted, unfiltered, divine, pure, source light and reflect that outwardly TO OTHERS! Just like Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Anna, Buddha and countless others that have led by EXAMPLE! You have the EXACT same creator light as those you put on a pedestal! Those glorious souls that continually communicate with you, know who you are, and how POWERFUL YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE! To know thyself is to HEAL THYSELF! #jesus #knowthyself #consciousnessshift #choice #heal

Heaven on Earth with Erik Medhus-

I had the opportunity to write a short feature for and Erik selected  "Heaven on Earth" as a topic for the feature.  I share a summary below with a link to the full conversation at the end of the blog.

The message from Erik is that it is we, the human incarnates, that are responsible for creating heaven on earth. He emphasizes the power of our inner feelings and thoughts - and that this teaching has been the core lesson from many spiritual teachers and masters for thousands of years.

"The speediest way to having your Heaven on Earth, is being like a child."

This is so similar to what Jesus (Jeshua) said 2000 years ago:

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3).

I must state that even though I quote Jesus, I am not a Christian. Jesus was and is an ascended master still guiding us today, he is not limited to formal Christians or to Christianity.

I quote Erik again: "When you stay in fear, sadness, hate you are only contributing more to the separation". He said that the purpose of spiritual teachers and channels like me is to wake up those who have been in slumber with Victim Mentality, Shame, Unworthiness etc. and that our divine right is to have none of these! He also talks about the role of these negative emotions and our egos in our experiences. I encourage you to read the full conversation (source link below) and imbibe the lessons in it starting today!