Archangel Raphael ripples cosmos

AA Raphael standing beside me at a pristine lake. He reached down and grasp a smooth black stone from the shoreline. Handing me the stone, He asking me to throw it across the lake. It seem like an odd request, but I complied; tossing the stone into the calm water. As the stone impacted the water, I heard the familiar bloop sound. Yet, visualized massive ripples, engulfing the calm water into the distant horizon- as if a giant had tossed a boulder. I looked at him in awe, awaiting an explanation. Raphael said, “Do you see all those ripples?” Silly question I thought….. “Yes!, I see them.”
“Megan, when you lack of Trust and doubt yourself, you intern are lacking the Trust within Us. Creating ripples that effect Us all. I felt paralyzed by this. His energy was warm, His message filled with kindness and compassion - as with everything that Source is. I felt I couldn't move. I understood, more so, felt exactly what he was relaying to me.

Some months later, We were standing back at the lake, engulfed by the serenity. AA Raphael handed me another smooth black stone. With some trepidation, but with a stronger belief in Myself and my trust in Source- I tossed the stone. Making contact with the waters surface, it slid across the lake, as an ice skater would on a frozen lake. Smooth, gliding without disruption- Without RIPPLES. His energy touched my hands and he said “Doesn't that flow feel right?” “That is TRUST”.

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