~I AM song of birds~
~ I AM radiant sky~ 
~I AM soil and growth~
~I AM fragrant flowers whispering hello~
~I AM the hills~
~I AM the plateau~
~I AM roots, trunk, branches of trees~
~I AM peace of flowing waters moving in ease~
~I AM seed galaxies planted~
~I AM path of journey~
~I AM trails less traveled~
~I AM cold and dark~
~I AM warmth and I AM light~
~I AM everything and I AM nothing~
~I AM that I AM
Megan Covington

nature I am



I have asked myself so many times! What is my purpose? While I was out walking today with my sweet Mason and Fur babies~I hear so clearly~ Purpose is to LIVE/CREATE! How does ONE LIVE? Finding JOY, LAUGHTER, WONDER, ADVENTURE with all that comes your way. If it is taking a morning stroll with the family, making cookies, assisting a neighbor, have a brilliant conversation that is your PURPOSE! PURPOSE IS INTENT! Your INTENT is within the NOW! Surrender to BELIEVING you have only ONE purpose! If you choose to think you only have one purpose then let it BE~ TO LIVE!


Love Not Fear

The other day I was talking with a friend.  She had mentioned how a woman close to her had battled breast cancer.  She went through an recommend protocol that healthcare offered to her.  Including a bilateral mastectomy.  Then to be told that her treatments had worked and she was in the clear.  She went forward with her breast reconstruction and was getting back to life as "normal".  Recently she was not feeling well.  Upon returning to her doctors a total body scan was preformed.  The CANCER was back with a vengeance.  It had now metastasize all over her entire body.  This beautiful soul is now in another battle to keep her physical life.  As I was being told of this situation-  I was sending my loving compassionate heart to her.  However, I also felt that I was feeling PITY for her.  Now how can that work energetically?  Sending her love and light but also thoughts of pity crept in?  Would that cancel out the Vibration of high frequency of love vs the lower frequency of PITY? 

I clearly heard my Guardian, aka Light Tribe, say "Be mindful of the emotional thought you are projecting to her?"  "If you are sending love and healing then send just that.  Do not attach an outcome to her situation.  When you let your fear, pity or sadness rage through your mind that is exactly what your sending to her."

I immediately took a moment of PAUSE.  I visualized this loving green & pink healing light wrapping around her.  Allowing my heart to feel that love and merge with her energetic field.  I understood that is exactly what we are supposed to do.  We can not control a journey.  No matter the direction it goes.  If we keep putting expectation and outcomes to it this will only manifest more fear frequencies for any situation.  Fear is something we have been conditioned to feel with most situations of our lives.  Instead of being in the NOW and embracing the moments of love within those journeys.  I will keep my mind quiet and feel this love for All.