Conscious Quantum Facilitation: A typical reading may include messages, the redirection of internal beliefs through various healing energetic modalities and symbols. Guidance is received through your I AM presence, transitioned loved ones and multi-dimensional beings of all aspects. Megan uses belief, prayer, meditation, manifesting, living with-in love, light, acceptance, and kindness as her core practices.  

You can speak to loved ones, get guidance on life issues, your soul history, past lives or connect to your Higher Self. Spirits show up to guide us all.

You are invited to approach this experience from a place of Curiosity, Wonder and Playfulness.  Be prepared to participate in your reading.  You will be asked to have questions prepared - the quality of the questions will/can determine the quality of the energetic momentum.  You are your own Creator, WAY-shower, Master KEY holder

Megan will call/contact you at the time of the scheduled appointment.

If the client is a no-show for the session, or not properly prepared and misses the session, no refund will be issued. If Megan cannot reach you, for whatever reason within the first 10 minutes of the session, the session will be missed.  You may get a full refund if cancellation is within 72 hours.


In need of a weekend or evening appointment: Please send email regarding preferred future date and time.  She will try to accommodate as scheduling allows.