Old Friend

My experience with Megan has been instrumental in my current well being. I received clarity and understanding through the guidance she provided me. Megan felt like an old friend. Personable, humorous and very loving. I am now on the path of pursuing true love with myself! There are some incredibly difficult times with my intention but I can always look back on the knowledge (not to mention encouragement) that Megan shared with me to help hang tight and not give up. I look forward to more conversations with Megan in the Future!  Heather

Birds of a feather flock together

I have been kicking around a long time and have had many readings over the years, I am so happy to say Megan comes out right on top. I never used my questions because she knew my core issue before I said anything, so we got right to it. At this point I feel like an elephant is off my shoulders.  Megan has a way of exuding warmth and genuine desire to heal and comfort
in a practical down to earth way. She is so lovely and is like a wise old friend you love to be around. 
If you have been thinking of booking a reading don't fart around, go for it.
She will put air under your wings and it feels so good.
I am so excited about my next reading, and I am encouraging my friends to
connect with Megan too.



I was given a reading from a friend for a gift and it was AMAZING. Not only was she spot on with feeling my emotions, connecting with me, and knowing what I was going through without me saying a word, but she sent sensational healing that I felt for days afterward.
Her abilities are strong. I could feel my vibration rise exponentially just connecting with her. I was feeling very ill at the time too, and she brought me right up. Even my 2 year old seemed to calm down and become happier.

There are so many profound things that happened during the session. Even when there wasn't talking, there was deep immense feeling and healing that I got from her. This girl is going places. Her prices are also amazing for such in depth work. I would recommend her 10000%.

Colleen E


I waited the full week to give the feedback in case my first responses were the “post-reading high”, but I am just as impressed a week later and I get high again just thinking about the session.
Megan was delightfully warm and gentle. She made me comfortable quickly and was authentic throughout.
The reading itself was an amazing tour of conversations with angels and guides, into past lives and future possibilities.

Her explanations were clearly expressed. She used lots of visuals which were helpful and her personal stories were inspiring and totally relevant. I can reconnect with the visuals and the stories and get deeper and deeper understanding (particularly the ripples story).
The healing exercises for myself and my daughter were very powerful at the time and continued to resonate for days after the session. I feel shifts in my attitude about the issues targeted and generally lighter emotionally and spiritually.

I have been going to retreats for many years - one day, weekends and month long. After an hour with Megan, for days I felt like I’d been on a deep spiritual retreat. My meditations were more powerful and I felt a sense of deep I’m -alrightness.

Thank you sooooo much for the opportunity I will definitely use Megan’s gifts again.



  The reading was amazing!  Megan has this overwhelming positive energy that is just very perceivable from the beginning. She had me prepare questions ahead of time and that made the whole thing very smooth.She gave me a lot very helpful information that to tell you the truth, I'm still finding out aspects of.   I will definitely come back to her again!

Thank you- Mark





Author by Heart

I connected with Megan immediately. I feel like I’ve known her forever. That made me feel special. I’m sure she creates this environment for every one of her clients, but it is nice to feel like I’m the most important part of her day. She is very positive, warm, open and seems to me to be amazingly pure. Untainted by ego during the readings or “pretending” to know something that she can’t quite understand herself. She is honest. If something comes up that she cannot interpret, she tells me that it is important information for me and that I might be able to decipher and decode it’s meaning. It’s a two-way street of communication with her. This is the kind of channel that I hope to one day be. A channel who gets her brain and ego out of the way and let’s spirit flow easily and with grace.

Megan has also inspired me to pick up my writing again…not for money as I am a struggling freelance blog and non-fiction writer, but to pick up the YA novel I started writing after my experience with James Gilliland seven years ago. It is a spiritual gateway novel for young people J

Megan is helping me to understand what is happening to me physically during my own meditations and to remove the fear that may be blocking my own channel. She openly and genuinely expresses excitement for my own awakening that, after 25 years of discovery mode, is on the verge of exploding.

Megan is humble…when she learns something about her own gifts through me, and then thanks me for that experience…this is when true magic happens between two people, co-creating together.

She is also helping me to be mindful and take that meditative high vibe state into my daily life. I may be 49 but I have two small children, 2 and 8. Having started my family at 40…I know that I wasn’t ready until then to be a mom. I believe that when I got pregnant with my first born, I had another mini-awakening. That was a really tough year. But this is when my dreams became much more profound. I would not have been ready to balance raising children and pursuing a career at the same time back in my 20s or even my 30s. I was “on the road to success”…struggling as an actor, etc…trying to make it in the film world as a writer/director. I finally dropped out of the “rat race” when the economy tanked in 2009, right after my daughter was born, and have been freelancing off and on since she was born. This has allowed me to focus more on my own spiritual development, albeit with financial difficulty. Some things are meant to be, I believe. I never had any big success at one thing and feel like all of my crazy life experience has led me to this moment.

Megan also helps me connect the dots with my very enlightened kids and offers practical advice on how to navigate the day-to-day challenges that come with gifted children, without completely losing it J (I did mention that I would not have had the patience to have kids earlier…didn’t I? ;)) Megan helps me see the bigger picture and offers specific advice from her guides that help me, and my kids. I felt like she knew all about my children before we even talked about them.

She also reassures me that I’m not too old and it’s not too late to start channeling on my own and sharing that with the world. I’m a late bloomer and dammit, I’m embracing it! J

In addition, Megan’s accuracy with several things has been spot on. Although I have graduated from wanting to hear about my future to asking the bigger-picture, spiritual questions (for the most part…I mean, we are all human, right?) -- I am looking to her as a guide to help open up my own gifts. ‘The teacher appears when the student is ready’ and I’m thrilled that she and I will be working together in this capacity. I feel safe and confident with Megan in moving forward, developing my gifts and eventually “coming out of the spiritual closet”. Yay! She is the support I have been looking for and honestly, someone who gives me permission to be the ‘weird one’ and not care what anyone else thinks or says, as long as my intent is of the light. In fact, she makes me feel perfectly NORMAL, because I think she is perfectly normal. And look what she does! J

I think the ONLY advice I would give her would be to tell people like me, who talk way too much, that it might be better to listen more and speak less during a reading. ;) Megan is so kind that when I interrupt her thoughts, she immediately refocuses her attention on me and says, with all honesty, “Go ahead.” I’m sure I’ve lost some golden nuggets because of my impatience. I have learned that when I let the channel speak freely, I get better information that way. So…I believe spirit is pointing this out to me. I need to learn how to “shut up” and get out of my own way…surrender, and let higher consciousness flow.

Thank you - Annette


Reiki Mom Nurse

I received a reading from Megan one week ago Friday.  I have taken one week to reflect how Megan’s reading inspired me, enlightened me, and allowed me to receive information which might not have been accessible before.  I felt an immediate connection with Megan.  She was very warm, inviting and friendly.  Her energy was radiating across the screen!  When Megan described at one point, how doubting spirit causes ripples in the energy, like a small stone causing enormous waves, I could see it in my mind’s eye. She then described how not doubting spirit, and accepting it, and how different it looked  I GOT IT.  I not only saw it but felt it.  At one point I told Megan that she was the only person standing in her own way, she laughed and told me just like me.  I loved it.  I needed to hear that. It opened me to what I needed… I have been able to see, feel, hear, and communicate with spirit since I was eight.  Now, after many years of life experience, and several titles including being a wife, mom of six, RN/Public Health Nurse/residential care home business owner, reiki master…. I felt change coming.  Our youngest is now four, and I found myself with a bit more feeling of “time”.  It may have been in February where I started to reach out to my favorite books by our local psychic, Echo B, and searching online.  I found that I was able to see my energy and colors around my hands, energy in the air/static, more orbs with my eyes (instead of only on my camera or video).  I searched and found the deceased medium, Leslie Flint’s recordings.  When the spirits from the readings he recorded where obviously still visiting me in our home, I was unaware  Our children, mostly our 14 yr old noticed and would ask what in the heck I was doing when they were at school, because so many people were hanging out…I remember a soldier and Valentino (who still visits).  I found Erik Medhus on YouTube and became a fan of the blog.  Erik found me shortly after watching the videos, and our kids.  (He plays hide and seek with our six year old as well playing with her) . He has been fun for me, helping me to reconnect to what has always been there for me, but was pushed aside for many years while getting married and starting our family, etc.  He is such a key I believe in helping me on my journey.  Without him, I am not sure I would have gotten this far… Megan’s reading was like the glue that cemented it all together for me. I am able to ‘’see’’ and ‘’hear” spirit, seeing ‘’little signs” from spirit like ‘’coincidences’’ and all the synchronicity that is now seemingly never ending for me.  Forgive me, I am not a great writer, more of a mom, healer and nurse.  I don’t think there are words for how it has affected me. I truly wish I could put it into words.  If you could feel my energy, I think you would read me, and see how I feel.  ;-)    I have not really done much with reiki since our oldest was born in 2000.  Just this last week, I did my first two distant healing.  My second healing was sent today and I could feel the electric like vibrations in my hands thru my torso, leaving my crown, and shooting back through my body.  I have been told a few times through my life by different psychics that I have the ability to do what they do.  I am not sure what direction my life will take, but I know whatever it is, it will be incredible.  Hugs to Megan!  Xoxo

Love and light always to all - Kristine C.