Birds of a feather flock together

I have been kicking around a long time and have had many readings over the years, I am so happy to say Megan comes out right on top. I never used my questions because she knew my core issue before I said anything, so we got right to it. At this point I feel like an elephant is off my shoulders.  Megan has a way of exuding warmth and genuine desire to heal and comfort
in a practical down to earth way. She is so lovely and is like a wise old friend you love to be around. 
If you have been thinking of booking a reading don't fart around, go for it.
She will put air under your wings and it feels so good.
I am so excited about my next reading, and I am encouraging my friends to
connect with Megan too.



I recently had a reading with Megan Covington and was amazed at her information. It resonated deeply within me.Before my questions, she had already given me information that was so right on. The messages she related felt so authentic, it was like she had a straight connection to the source and delivered the answers with no shields. I felt a deep sense of sincerity and pure heart stemming from her. She validated much of my own " inner" knowing and I would highly recommend her to connect with loved ones from the spirit world and other issues on one's life path.