What can I say about Megan Covington to convey what a gift she is? Well for starters ....she is the real deal. She has mad skills, compassion, and humor, and is deeply connected to Source. She knew exactly what I was dealing with and her insights were nothing short of amazing! She feels like a friend because she is one. And at the end of the session, she sent me energy to help with my alignment and I really felt it too. There are very few as gifted and compassionate as Megan. If you are reading this review, just go ahead and make an appointment already. You will be so glad you did!  Marjorie

Birds of a feather flock together

I have been kicking around a long time and have had many readings over the years, I am so happy to say Megan comes out right on top. I never used my questions because she knew my core issue before I said anything, so we got right to it. At this point I feel like an elephant is off my shoulders.  Megan has a way of exuding warmth and genuine desire to heal and comfort
in a practical down to earth way. She is so lovely and is like a wise old friend you love to be around. 
If you have been thinking of booking a reading don't fart around, go for it.
She will put air under your wings and it feels so good.
I am so excited about my next reading, and I am encouraging my friends to
connect with Megan too.



I was given a reading from a friend for a gift and it was AMAZING. Not only was she spot on with feeling my emotions, connecting with me, and knowing what I was going through without me saying a word, but she sent sensational healing that I felt for days afterward.
Her abilities are strong. I could feel my vibration rise exponentially just connecting with her. I was feeling very ill at the time too, and she brought me right up. Even my 2 year old seemed to calm down and become happier.

There are so many profound things that happened during the session. Even when there wasn't talking, there was deep immense feeling and healing that I got from her. This girl is going places. Her prices are also amazing for such in depth work. I would recommend her 10000%.

Colleen E