I waited the full week to give the feedback in case my first responses were the “post-reading high”, but I am just as impressed a week later and I get high again just thinking about the session.
Megan was delightfully warm and gentle. She made me comfortable quickly and was authentic throughout.
The reading itself was an amazing tour of conversations with angels and guides, into past lives and future possibilities.

Her explanations were clearly expressed. She used lots of visuals which were helpful and her personal stories were inspiring and totally relevant. I can reconnect with the visuals and the stories and get deeper and deeper understanding (particularly the ripples story).
The healing exercises for myself and my daughter were very powerful at the time and continued to resonate for days after the session. I feel shifts in my attitude about the issues targeted and generally lighter emotionally and spiritually.

I have been going to retreats for many years - one day, weekends and month long. After an hour with Megan, for days I felt like I’d been on a deep spiritual retreat. My meditations were more powerful and I felt a sense of deep I’m -alrightness.

Thank you sooooo much for the opportunity I will definitely use Megan’s gifts again.



  The reading was amazing!  Megan has this overwhelming positive energy that is just very perceivable from the beginning. She had me prepare questions ahead of time and that made the whole thing very smooth.She gave me a lot very helpful information that to tell you the truth, I'm still finding out aspects of.   I will definitely come back to her again!

Thank you- Mark