Here you can find the websites of trusted Co-Creators who can also assist you on your MagiKal journey. 


Jamie Butler : The Everyday Medium

As far back as I can remember I have always been able to see the energy fields surrounding people and inanimate objects and hear spirit voices. My childhood was full of fun! I would play games like hide and go seek with my spirit friends, but now as an adult they give me great insight and guidance which I enjoy sharing with others. In my early twenties, I discovered I could trance-channel spirit. This is where I allow the spirit to borrow my body and voice to communicate and relay messages to others. I have been giving readings publicly since 1991.


The Lighter Side Network: Where Everyday Meets Extraordinary

Join Jamie Butler on The Lighter Side Show and learn about intuition, energy, wholeness and spirituality. Jamie channels spirit, presents inspirational how-to, and picks the minds of the great innovators in the fields of mind, body, emotion, and soul. Get ready to take a front row seat and become your own Everyday Medium!


Pamela Aaralyn: Voice of The Elohim

Pamela was born extra-sensory but an encounter with an archangel at age five really opened up her gifts and confirmed to her the path that her life would take. As a clear conduit channel Pamela has direct access beyond the veil. Color and sound play important roles in expanding upon the information she receives.
Raised in a fundamental southern baptist family, Pamela didn’t dare talk about what she saw, felt and knew in her early years. She began to take notes in her mind and the amazing library of esoteric knowledge began. All along it’s been important for Pamela to share the information she receives to all who are interested. Many access this knowledge through private sessions, online and in person workshops as well as videos on her YouTube channel and through her ever expanding library at Great things are in the pipeline so please stay tuned! 


Jamin Olivencia: Personal Development


I am a human existing in this world with a purpose to live. My goal is to share that. My reason is because it's been shared with me.
I grew up with a loving family but struggled because I was placed in special education classes. I couldn't retain information. I didn't think I was worth much. I started to get bullied, was called dumb, but the world of professional wrestling saved me. It was my dream and I made that happen.
My 13+ years in professional wrestling brought many different lessons. It opened the door for a spiritual awakening. Through the journey I give my energy and life to others through personal interactions and community. By assisting others in igniting their imaginations I help them to become the best versions of themselves.
Sharing the answers I have found and by connecting ourselves together we can find the answers to the questions that are unanswered.


Kathy Schipper: Intuitive and Visionary Artwork

I am a self taught artist who loves connecting with people, animals and nature through my artwork.  I enjoy challenging myself with new genres as I evolve artistically and spiritually. Over the years I have discovered unique connections between my artwork and its recipients which has given my gift new purpose and meaning.
I am what is referred to as a "cognizance* artist." 


sigrira w gracie.jpg

Sigrira Perret-Gentil Savitski, Animal Intuitive, communicates fluently in a psychic language with all life forms including trees and plants, all animals including domesticated, wild and in spirit and with humans in English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamentu. She envisions a world where we transcend species and understand each other as equals through love.


Mary Lloyd: Medium & Animal Intuitive

I am a medium and clarity intuitive who brings people together with their guides, loved ones who have crossed over, and animal companions. Through all of my senses and emphatic abilities, I am able to channel messages to help others put together the pieces of their life journey.




Jennifer Behling: Medium 


Readings available in English, German and in Swiss German.By establishing contact between those who have left the physical body and those still in the physical, unspoken words can be voiced, healing may be facilitated.I also do house clearings to cleanse the energy after a divorce, a death in the family or if you intend to sell your home and put it on the market radiating with a fresh, neutral positiveness.


Tamalla Mallet: Akashic Records Reader and Clearings

Are you ready to overcome hindering or limiting beliefs?Are you ready to reprogram ingrained emotional responses to those that resonate with and attract your desired results?Do you want the power to fix the problems in your home life, your work life, or your relationships?Do you desire to align your Human experience with your Unique Divine Nature?




Cindy Dekker:

Energetic Stepping and Wholeness Counselor.  Bringing you into a Whole and let you step forward into shifting within yourself, I use different methods.  

DETC is one of them, I counsel Intuitively and Spiritually or work directly with Spirit.  I also work on your body (and Mind) through sound or touch to relax-rebalance and re-energize them.  A few of these methods can be applied by distance.  There is no need for us to be in the same room.  For DETC and working with Spirit please visit my website link above.




Heather Lawrence:  Restored Balance Organic Skin Care

Restored Balance, is a Utah limited liability manufacturing company, whose health and wellness products are built on the foundation of all natural, legal industrial hemp oil. Our proprietary process, and ingredients not only yields safe and efficient consumer products, but also eliminates fillers, and synthetics common in the marketplace.  Our dual-focus product offering consists of Beauty Products and Pain Management Products. Utilizing industry breakthrough bio-tech, RB can carefully regulate its premium blend products- thereby producing a purer grade of enhanced hemp oil for the marketplace. Using proprietary technology and trade secret methodologies, Restored Balance, will continue to feed the insatiable demand for CBD-based health products. Individuals that suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, sleep and many other wellness concerns.  We also carry a full line of ORGANIC SKIN care products that heal your skin.


Judy Sackaney:  Madisowin Life- Native Cree Tribe Medicine

Madisowin is a Cree word meaning Life; Gifts to Mother Earth from Gitchi Manitou-Creator for a healthy way of living.  We are a home-based family operation preparing "Madisowin-Life Blends, Oil & Salves for Nishnawbeg Ininewuk and relatives, passing on our culture and heritage for future generations.  All of our products are BLESSED and made with LOVE.  Wachi Medowin - Judy Sackaney is a Mushkegowuk Cree from Albany First Nation, Treaty Nine (9) Territory. Her Spirit name is "Wachi Medowin" meaning "Mountain Song” and Traditional Name “The One Who Listens”. Judy is of the Wolf Clan and carries a Traditional Pipe. She is a Jingle & Shawl Dancer & Sun Dancer. Judy is a Traditional Grandmother who embraces the way of life of the Nishnawbeg Peoples by attending and conducting Ceremonies. Over the years, Judy has been learning traditional medicinal usage of Herbs, Plants, Rocks, and Crystals for healing and growth from her Late Mother, Grandmothers, and her Guides. 

meduim and Semiprecious have been in business since the beginning of the internet. We love stones and like to find new stones and get them set in jewelry and also find new stones with new healing properties for helping us with our well being.